Birth of a Monument

Birth of a Monument: Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument to be Established by Presidential Proclamation on 5-21-14

White House press briefing

On Monday, mixed in with other news–cybersecurity, Russian troops, Veterans Affairs–President Obama’s press secretary,  Jay Carney, noted that the president would be using his authority under the Antiquities Act to establish the nation’s newest national monument. Press Secretary Carney’s briefing lasted nearly an hour (from 1:20 to 2:14 p.m.), but there did not appear to be any questions from the press concerning the establishment of a new national monument. Carney’s announcement follows:

“Secondly, I’d like to let you know that, on Wednesday, President Obama will host an event at the Department of the Interior where he will sign a proclamation establishing the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument in south central New Mexico.  By establishing the monument, the President will permanently protect more than 496,000 acres to preserve the prehistoric, historic and scientific values of the area for the benefit of all Americans.  A recent independent study found that a new national monument could generate $7.5 million — $7.4 million in new economic activity annually from new visitors and business opportunities, while preserving access for sportsmen, ranchers and recreational users.

This signing is part of our larger week-long focus on helping businesses invest here in America to further grow our economy and create jobs. ”

Full text of the White House press briefing is available here.

The direct URL to this briefing is:

Image credit: Office of the Press Secretary White House Press Briefing 5-19-14


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