Martin Litton 1917 – 2014


Martin Litton

February 13, 1917, to November 30, 2014

On his passing, stories from Dinosaur National Monument to Giant Sequoia National Monument and beyond. (Note: I only spoke with Martin Litton once, by phone back in 2006, but this conversation and the views he expressed fundamentally altered my perspective on forests and land management. In reading these articles, it seems like that’s the kind of influence he had on people. Thank you to Jeanne Nienaber Clarke for making this connection happen!)

“Appreciation: Lessons From the Man Who Stopped Grand Canyon Dams”

The full text of this National Geographic article is here.

“Martin Litton dies at 97; passionate wilderness conservationist”

The full text of this Los Angeles Times article is here.

“Environmental warrior Martin Litton is still fighting at 95”

From 2012, the full text of this High Country News article is here.

“Sierra Club Director and Uncompromising Preservationist, 1950s-1970s.”

From 1982, the Sierra Club Oral History Series at The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.


Image credit: Anacleto Rapping / Los Angeles Times

Martin Litton


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