Honouliuli: New Monument, New Opportunities


Established by presidential proclamation on February 24, 2015, and thus one of the nation’s newest park units, Honouliuli National Monument is in the process of developing visitor programs and other services.

Honouliuli is also in the process of hiring a park ranger.

According to the job announcement “[t]his park ranger will be one of the first two employees hired to work at Honouliuli National Monument. The other initial HONO employee will be a GS-11 term Outdoor Recreation Planner.”

“The park ranger will focus on initial efforts to interpret the site. Since there is currently no visitor center and very limited access to the site, the park ranger’s efforts will include off-site presentations about Honouliuli’s history, some on-site programs for specially arranged groups, and non-personal interpretation, such as interpretive writing for brochure[s], social media, and the park’s website.”

Applications are due by July 6, 2015. Additional details are at


For those interested in national monuments and park interpretation, this is truly an interesting opportunity to “connect people to parks.”

Honouliuli: New Monument, New Opportunities


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