Monuments Established March 4, 1933, to April 12, 1945

National Monuments Established by Franklin D. Roosevelt via the Antiquities Act:

March 4, 1933, to April 12, 1945

(FDR passed away on April 12, 1945; Truman was his VP)

(The 20th Amendment changed the date of the presidential transition from March 4 to January 20. The first January 20th inauguration was in 1937)


Cedar Breaks, UT, Proclamation No. 2054, 48 Stat. 1705 (Aug. 22, 1933)

Area reserved: “the following-described lands in Utah” which are listed using the township and range system.

(NPS Antiquities Act Centennial lists the Cedar Breaks “Acres Affected” as “5,701.39.”)


Fort Jefferson, FL, Proclamation No. 2112, 49 Stat. 3430 (Jan. 4, 1935)

Area reserved: “the area indicated on the diagram hereto attached.”

(NPS Antiquities Act Centennial lists the Fort Jefferson “Acres Affected” as “47,125.”)


Joshua Tree, CA, Proclamation No. 2193, 50 Stat. 1760 (Aug. 10, 1936)

Area reserved: “approximately 825,340 acres.”


Zion, UT, Proclamation No. 2221, 50 Stat. 1809 (Jan. 22, 1937)

Area reserved: “approximately 49,150 acres.”

(NPS Antiquities Act Centennial lists this as “Zion ‘II’ [Kolob Section].”)


Organ Pipe Cactus, AZ, Proclamation No. 2232, 50 Stat. 1827 (Apr. 13, 1937)

Area reserved: “approximately 330,690 acres.”

Roosevelt’s proclamation “Provided, That the administration of the monument shall be subject to: (1) Right of the Indians of the Papago Reservation to pick the fruits of the organ pipe cactus and other cacti, under such regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior” and (2) “Reserved a strip of land 60 feet wide along the international boundary between the United States and Mexico which may be used for highways but for no other purpose” and (3) “to leave a certain tract of land remaining withdrawn for customs and immigration-inspection purposes, consisting of lot 9, sec. 6, and lot 4, sec. 7, T. 18 S., R. 5 \V. of the Gila and Salt River meridian, containing a total of 5.84 acres” and (4) “reserving a 40-acre tract as a public water reserve.”


Capitol Reef, UT, Proclamation No. 2246, 50 Stat. 1856 (Aug. 2, 1937)

Area reserved: “approximately 37,060 acres.”


Channel Islands, CA, Proclamation No. 2281, 52 Stat. 1541 (Apr. 26, 1938)

Area reserved: “The area reserved for the national monument on Anacapa Island contains 538.22 acres more or less” and “The area reserved for the national monument on Santa Barbara Island contains 581.76 acres more or less.”


Fort Laramie, WY, Proclamation No. 2292, 53 Stat. 2461 (July 16, 1938)

Area reserved: “in all 214.41 acres, more or less.”


Santa Rosa Island, FL, Proclamation No. 2337, 53 Stat. 2542 (May 17, 1939)

Area reserved: “9500 acres.”


Tuzigoot, AZ, Proclamation No. 2344, 53 Stat. 2548 (July 25, 1939)

Area reserved: “approximately 42.665 acres.”


Jackson Hole, WY, Proclamation No. 2578, 57 Stat. 731 (Mar. 15, 1943)

Area reserved: “the area in the State of Wyoming known as the Jackson Hole country, including that portion thereof which is located in the Teton National Forest” which is listed using the township and range system.

(NPS Antiquities Act Centennial lists the Jackson Hole “Acres Affected” as “210,950.”)


~ Fair Use is encouraged! Text and Images © Kurt Angersbach / Westernlabs ~



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